What knowledge and skills we need to succeed in the upcoming uncertain era?

Farmer trap #1 refers to complacency — people rest on the laurels earned from past successes.

Cultivate your ”Hunter Instincts” — insatiability, curiosity and a willingness to ruin.

Determine future business trends by following the six patterns of opportunity, starting with Convergence and Divergence.

Harness the power of momentum by using Cyclicality and Redirection to create a competitive advantage.

Tap into Discount and Acceleration — two patterns of opportunity — to carve out a market niche.

Identify a ”hunting ground” by narrowing your focus and tracking your chosen industry.

Closing summary

  1. Expect repetition: look for clues which may lead to opportunity.
  2. Act fast: cyclical opportunities can be momentary.
  3. Expect the certainty of development for a competitive edge by preparing for what’s next.
  4. Look beyond what others see: major forces and firms can create cascading opportunities. Dare to tap in these less-obvious and potential opportunities.




Aspire to inspire through writing, striving to be better each day.

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Matt Lehman

Matt Lehman

Aspire to inspire through writing, striving to be better each day.

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